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We have been specialising in dealing with the right settlement for you for over 35 years. When separating a specialist Solicitor at GWBHarthills understands that the financial uncertainty that is caused as a result of your separation can be one of your biggest concerns.

We are experts in resolving financial disputes and have the specialist skills necessary to help you reach a settlement using a different variety of different methods.  These different methods can be separated broadly as follows:

Settling Out of Court

For many people the thought of going to Court to resolve financial issues is too much to bear during difficult times during separation.

At GWBHarthills, we will do everything we can to ensure that you avoid the stress and costs of Court Proceedings unless it is absolutely necessary.  There are a number of different ways that you can reach an agreement without the need to go to Court.


Kitchen Table Agreement

You may feel that yourself and your partner are able to discuss matters amicably and reach an agreement.  We would always recommend that you come and see one of GWBHarthills specialist Solicitors before you sit down and discuss matters in detail with your partner.  Couples often reach agreements without the advice of solicitors that are unworkable, unpractical and will simply not be approved by the Court.  Both parties can then feel let down by the other person if the initial agreement they reached isn’t followed through.  This can obviously impact upon future negotiations and affect trust between yourself and your partner going forward.

We can help point you in the right direction to make sure that you avoid the pitfalls that many couples fall into when separating.  Many people have misconceptions about financial settlements in divorce such as both parties being entitled to half the assets.  A short meeting with a specialist GWBHarthills Family Solicitor will provide you with all the information you require to ensure that you are able to negotiate sensibly and reach an amicable settlement with your partner.

Once you have reached an agreement it will only be binding once it has been made into a Court Order and we can draft this quickly at an affordable price. Many people want an “Out of Court” settlement. This is negotiations through solicitors and perhaps is the most common and traditional method of dispute resolution that Family Solicitors at GWBHarthills use.

Solicitors will usually exchange financial information and we will narrow the issues with a view to settling all aspects of your case quickly and amicably.  These negotiations can take place by letter, email, telephone or even at a round table meeting where both solicitors meet with the parties to try and discuss matters. Once an agreement has been reached we will ensure that the Court approve it to make sure that the agreement is binding so both yourself and your partner can move forward with your lives with certainty.


Court Proceedings

Unfortunately, sometimes it is inevitable that Court Proceedings are necessary to conclude your case.  At GWBHarthills we only ever issue Court Proceedings if we feel it is in your best interest.  The most common reasons for issuing Court Proceedings are:

– Your partner simply won’t supply financial information necessary to allow us to advise you properly to reach a fair settlement.

– Your partner’s proposals for settlement are wholly unrealistic for example your partner may expect to keep all of the assets.

– Your financial circumstances are complex.  On some occasions it is sensible to have the Court timetable to fall back on whilst we continue to negotiate over complex issues.  The Court can be used to determine issues such as who may value an asset which will ultimately save time and costs in the long run.

Throughout the Court process we will advise you on the best way forward and look to negotiate and settle your case wherever possible.

The appropriate route for you would depend upon your circumstances but rest assured at GWBHarthills will advise you on the best option for you. There is also different options available for example mediation and collaborative law.


Other Ways of Resolving Your Dispute

At GWBHarthills we also specialise in other ways of resolving family disputes including Mediation and Collaborative Law. Please click on the specific pages for mediation and collaborative law to find out more about these methods of dispute resolution or alternatively call the office on 0114 2909500, 01709 377399 OR 01302 590800 to ask to speak to a solicitor who will be able to advise you regarding this and to make a free appointment.