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Family Law Costs

As one of South Yorkshire’s most experienced Family Solicitors practices, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service and our expertise.

Utilising our knowledge and experience we can assist you in a number of ways that are tailored to your situation and budget. Our fees are competitive, open, transparent and cost effective.

We offer a 30 minutes initial free appointment.

Fixed Fees

Fixed fees are available for the following:-

Issuing Children’s Application – £200 plus VAT £40 plus the Court fee*

What is covered?

  • An initial meeting with you or telephone call
  • Preparation of the Court application forms
  • Issuing the application at the Court
  • Postal service of the papers on the other party

What is not covered?

  • Representation at the Court hearing
  • Any ongoing advice after the service of the application by postal service
  • Personal service of the application upon the other party
  • Any discussions with CAFCASS or other expert

Representation at a children’s FHDRA/Directions/Review hearing – £490 plus VAT £98

What is covered?

  • Representation at a hearing for which the time estimate is no longer than 60 minutes
  • Travel to Court
  • All time at Court for the duration of the hearing
  • All preparation, advice and advocacy at the hearing
  • Drafting of the order
  • A letter to you confirming the outcome of the hearing

What is not covered?

  • Issuing the application
  • Any ongoing representation at future Court hearings
  • Representation at hearings for which the time estimate is greater than 60 minutes

Injunction Application – £750 plus VAT £150

What is covered?

  • Initial attendance upon you or telephone call
  • Taking instructions for a statement
  • Drafting the application for a Non-Molestation and/or Occupation Order together with the witness statement
  • Issuing proceedings at the Court
  • Representation at the initial hearing
  • A letter confirming the outcome of the hearing
  • Preparation of the order

What is not covered?

  • Representation at any subsequent hearing
  • The cost of service of the application and order by Court bailiff, enquiry agent or process server
  • Enforcement of any breach
  • Any application to vary, appeal or dismiss the order

Adult Change of Name Deed – £80 plus VAT £16

What is covered?

  • An initial meeting with you to discuss your change of name
  • Preparation of the Change of Name Deed
  • Attendance on you to execute the Change of Name Deed
  • Provision of 5 certified copies of the Deed

What is not covered?

  • Any advice outside of change of name
  • Registration of the change of name with the various companies/organisations who know you

Pay as You Go

Is pay as you go right for you?

The benefits of pay as you go is that you receive legal advice only as and when you need it. This gives you control and you would act “in person”. You will do your own paperwork and administration to reduce your costs.

We would provide the legal advice.  You only see your specialist GWBHarthills Solicitor when you really need to. GWBHarthills would not automatically represent you at any Court Proceedings or through any aspect of the process. You simply pay for the time that you have with GWBHarthills.

Should you require representation at a Court hearing or other advice then our traditional or fixed fee pricing models are also available.

The benefit of the pay as you go service is flexibility and that you access advice when you need it.  If you do need more support then either our traditional model or fixed fee service may be more appropriate.

How does pay as you go work?

The idea of the pay as you go advice is that we do not write letters to the other party, have telephone conversations or negotiation on your behalf.  We simply advise you over specific issues that you may have.

We will keep detailed records of all our discussions and you will be able to get copies of our notes. However, we will not be acting for you but we will give you clear advice on the ways in which you can move matters forward yourself.

We can draft documents for you if necessary although there may be separate charges for this.

We can signpost you to other experts such as mediators, family therapists and life coaches.

What you need to do

You need to be confident that you can speak to the other party.  It is essential that you keep track and copies of all communication between yourself and the other party.

You will need to pay for any advice you wish to receive upfront and be confident that you are able to negotiate and deal with your case yourself without the need for ongoing Solicitors advice or letters drafted by Solicitors.

Our charges

We charge you for our time so that you only pay for the amount of time that you use.

Our hourly rates:

Christine Thomson  £160 plus VAT

You will receive a terms and conditions letter from ourselves making it clear of our exact terms of business.


We still offer traditional payment structures. Our traditional pricing options allow you to pay for work based on the time we spend on your case on an hourly rate basis.

We will charge you in 6 minute units for the work that we do. If something takes our family specialist 30 minutes you will pay 30 minutes.

This option is that you pay for exactly what you get. If you want to speak to us for a short period of time to answer a quick query, it will not cost you a great deal. The downside to this is that, whilst we can give an estimate as to the likely costs, it is not an exact science and, therefore, some cases with very similar issues can cost vastly more than other cases dependent on the circumstances outside of our control.

*Court fees are available from the Court Service website or from form EX160*